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Saturday, May 17, 2014


Johny Jazzytube was made for video content only from Youtube. There's no specific feature in this template. It's a white, black and blue color with 4 column blogger in there, easy loading and SEO friendly with elegant looks, 1 right sidebar, 3 columns footer, navigation menu, ads ready, pagination for blogger ready, clean design template, and more. This template suitable for video content blog with daily updates only from Youtube. But you can use it for any gallery content for your blog. This is how to make a post in this template :

Your description here..........
You can grab URL from Youtube just like you see in this picture below, and you must closed with this code endofvid (with no space)

Or this picture

And the final result to make a post should be like in this picture :

For more detail how to use and installation this template, please visit this link.

And if you want to use this template in image gallery, you can download here

Template Name : Johny Jazzytube
Author : Maskolis
Url Author : Creating Website
Designer : Creating Website
Url Designer :

Update Templates

My Google Code was banned, there's so many script that I put in there can't be opened. But I already fixed it with the updates ones, you can re-download this template or you can change some script in this post, and I suggest you to save any javascript in this template with your own Google Code or another file hosting for better result. Read this tutorial to save Javascript in to your own Google Code.


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kinh doanh, bán hàng, tư vấn, bảo hiểm Những cá nhân, tổ chức, đại lý,muốn bán, hợp đồng bảo hiểm